Meet Xavier

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Meet Xavier

In October of 2014, Xavier was diagnosed with a rare genetic immune deficiency. At that time, Xavier’s family were considered a moderate income family with both parents employed in jobs they loved and were busy raising three children; Mya 11, Higinio 8, and Xavier 2.

Xavier was born early and after months of struggling with small reactions to immunizations, he had a very rare reaction to the chicken pox vaccine. At that time, he was 13 months old. He fought the virus for 2 months and at his 15 month check up, his parents decided to give him one more shot but again he had a reaction. It was then that his parents knew something was wrong. After some blood work, Xavier was sent to California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco to be seen by an oncologist. That day Xavier’s family lives changed. 3 weeks later, an Immunology team at UCSF saw Xavier and by December, Xavier was undergoing a bone marrow biopsy.

On December 1, Xavier went into the hospital for a stem cell transplant in which his brother is his donor. His brother, Higinio, was hooked up to a stem cell harvest machine that separates the stem cells from the blood; a very painful process. The stem cells were then placed into Xavier. Xavier needs to remain in isolation for 4 months to determine if his little body will accept the cells.

Within the last year, the family has gone through many changes. Xavier’s mom left her job to care for Xavier full-time since he is now unable to be around other children, play at playgrounds or be in enclosed rooms where he is exposed to other children and adults that may be ill. His family moved out of their house and into a shared rental with Grandma to assist with taking care of Xavier. For the next 4 months, Xavier and his mother will live at UCSF to ensure Xavier is not exposed to any viruses. Due to this isolation, the family will be separated during the holidays. The family as exhausted all of their resources for assistance and pray that in 4 months, Xavier will be home with the family and life will move forward.