About Us

Founded in August 2007, Human Connexus Foundation (HCF) is a 501c3 approved non-profit organization based in Northern California.   HCF’s business model has been specifically designed to offer a more direct and personalized method of contributing to local philanthropy.  The broad focus of our business is to assist people who come from an underprivileged background and/or who are currently in a situation that has left them financially disadvantaged.  HCF facilitates financial support to these people focusing on areas such as housing, education, health care and basic living needs.  The goal is to help qualified recipients with their financial needs, for a short period of time, while they focus on making significant improvements in their lives.

HCF is such a unique program because of the connection we make between the recipient and the donor.  The recipient receives funds to help them through a crisis that has caused financial hardship.  The donor gets an opportunity to contribute their financial contribution directly to the cause that touches their heart. 


Human Connexus Foundation provides financial assistance to individuals or families who are experiencing hardship due to unfortunate circumstances.  Our donors have a choice of investment options creating a personal connection to their chosen cause.



  • Dedicated to meeting the commitments we make
  • Accountable to the people we service
  • Conduct business openly and honestly

Service to Others

  • Listen to our investors, sponsors & recipients
  • Committed to developing quality relationships
  • Collaborate with others to leverage resources

Have an Impact

  • Add value directly to other’s lives by helping people in need
  • Create a connection for our investors to their investment